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Pacific Historian Article List

The Pacific Historian was published by the University of the Pacific
in the late 1950's until 1987.

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Stuart, Reginald R. "Historical Significance of Jedediah Smith."
Vol II No 2 May 58. 2pp.

Price, Glenn. "The Questions Jedediah Smith Asked."
Vol III No 1 Feb 59. 4 pp.

___________"C. M. Goethe financed JS Memorial marker near Folsom."
Vol III No 4 Nov 59. 1 p.

Clione, Gloria G. "Jed Smith: Leading Contender in the Anglo-
American Fur Rivalry."
Aug 61. 10pp.

Hudson, Ray F. "The Two Smiths." Aug 64. 7pp.

Ross, Aileen Notmeyer. "The French Huguenot Descent of Jedediah S.
May 65. 3pp.

Atherton, Warren H. "Stockton: Supply Bull's-Eye for the Mother
Nov 65. 7pp.

Gale, Frederick C. "Jedediah Smith Meets Indians and Vice Versa."
Spring 66. 5pp.

Peattie, Donald Culross. "Jedediah Smith Trailmaker Extraordinary."
Autumn 66. 2 pp. [Together Magazine Reprint]

Morgan, Dale L. "Jedediah Smith Today." Spring 67. 12pp.

Hare, Stella Doty. "The Ancestry of JSS, 1799-1831 with Collateral
and Related Families."
Spring 67. 8pp.

Hare, Stella D. "Jedediah Smith Younger Brother Ira." Sum 67. 11pp.

Howard, Robert West "The Back East Background of JSS" Vol 12, No.2. Spring 68. 17pp.

Howard, Robert West 2nd Installment Vol 12 No. 3. Summer 68. 13pp.

Morgan, Dale L. "New Light on Ashley and JS." Winter 68. 9pp.

Smith, Lillian A. "The Namesake of Jedediah Strong Smith." Vol 13,
No 3. Sum 69. 14pp.

Stuart, Reginald R. "Jedediah Smith in Hayward." Vol 14, No3. 6pp.

Mattes, Merrill J. "Shadow of the Long Rifle." Vol 14, No.4. 12pp.

Brotherton, I.N. "The Appelaminy was it the Stanislaus." V14N4 6pp

Chase, Don M. "Was it Jedediah Smith?" Vol 15 No.3. Fall 71. 8pp.

_______. "Pole Book of Election Richland County, Ohio." V16 N1 1p.

Garber, D.W. "Jedediah Stong Smith: At Home in Ohio." V16N1 13pp.

Garber, D.W. "JSS. Patrick Gass amd Doctor Titus Gordon Vespasian
Vol 16, No2. 11pp.

Garber, D.W. "JSS. Johnny Appleseed, and Tylertown." V16 N3. 13pp.

Church, Patrick. "The Unconventional American Hero." V16 N3. 9 pp.

Garber, D.W. "JSS: A Miscellany of Information." V16 N4. 13pp.

Drury, Clifford M. "Another Myth Answered." Vol 17, No.1. 4 pp.

Smith, Ralph C. and Matthew D. "JS's Elder Brother." V17N1. 8pp.

Lachtman, Howard. "Roving Moccasin (a song)." Vol 17, No 3. 1p.

Ross, Aileen. "The Huguenots." Vol 18, No 1. 8 pp.

Adams, Tom. "Bibliography of Articles Relating to JSS." Vol 19, No 1. 4pp. (Annotated from Pacific Historian)

Fung, Leslie G. "JSS Escapist or Capitalist." Vol 21 No 1. 9pp.

Wood, Raymund F. "JS a Protestant in Catholic California." Vol 21, No 3. 12pp.

Garber, D.W. "JSS Fur Trader from Ohio (a postscript)." Vol 22, No 1. 17pp.

Genini, Robert. "From Beaver House to the Golden Gate: The Hudson's Bay Company in California." Vol 22 No 3. 16pp.

Smith, Matthew. "The Ancestors of JSS." Vol 22 No 3. 11pp.

Stewart, Robert E. "The Trail of JS." Vol 22 No 3. 6pp.

Gillespie, Donald F. "Wilderness Sanctuary." Vol 22 No 3. Fall 1978 4pp.

Hague, Harlan. "Guides for Pathfinders: The Indian Contribution to Exploration of the American West." Vol 22, No _. 11pp.

Tuggle, Troy "Smitty: The Living Legacy of Jedediah and Peter Smith." Vol 25 No 3. 10pp.

Tuggle, Troy S. "The Pistol of JS." Vol 28 No.4. 9pp.

McCarthy, Patrick. "Documentary Film As History." Vol 31 No 1.12pp.

[Good review of the Documentary 'Ten Who Dared' BBC,Time/Life.]

For copies of individual articles of the Pacific Historian, contact
Nicole Grady at (209) 946-2404 or

University of the Pacific Library
Holt-Atherton Center, Dept. of Special Collections
University of the Pacific
Stockton, CA 95211

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